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Hi everyone and welcome to Fat Fighters. Here you will learn about how you can combat issues, such as weight, diet, supplements, exercise, fitness and your lifestyle.

Fat Fighters want to help the reader to learn new skills and tips about how to approach their fat loss in a healthy, productive, and results driven way, which will transform your life, your relationships, your career, your lifestyle and your view on life and the future.


A long time ago, I struggled with body image, weight, yo-yo diets, and overall fitness, with everything that I attempted falling into a heap and moving back 10 steps rather than moving ahead; I was deflated, frustrated, and ready to give up. Heard this before?

I then began to do research. I read every book I could find on fitness, exercise, food, diet, bodybuilding, health, nutrition, and a ton of other subjects. It was exciting and revolutionary; I’d never really taken to any research in such a hedonistic way… nothing else mattered.

It’s all in the results right. And we’ve all heard ‘knowledge is power’. But knowledge is nothing unless you put in the work; and I did. I ate properly, I went to the gym several times a week to lift weights, I did cardio, I drank lots of water, and I learned about supplements that could enhance not only my figure, but also my DNA structure and my capacity to cut fat, naturally, and safely.



At Fat Fighters we are committed to helping those who want to transform their life, their relationships, and their outlook on life. It’s hard to view anything in a positive light when you have a false image of who you really are, both on the inside (the most important) and on the outside (this is what will keep us alive in the long term).

Global research shows that the obesity epidemic is running out of control, with figures in the western world increasing frightening levels. By 2020, morbid obesity will affect 30% of the western world, due to our diets and lifestyle. Obesity, by 2025, will affect 50-65%, due solely to changes in diet and lifestyle choices. Within the next 5-10 years, if you’re not overweight now, statistics show that you may fall within the 3-60% of the population who suffers from this lifestyle choice.

This all can change by moderating our diet towards clean, wholesome, and energy driven food, and not fast, sugar laced, food which have 0 calories, but put on the weight like nothing else.

Start your journey today to find out what you can do to fight this epidemic and to change your life and become the person you were born to be, and can be, sooner than you think.


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Fat Fighters is about education, research resources, ideas, diet plans, motivation, but above all, it’s about you and the journey you can take to totally transform your life today, and for ever.

Like Rocky, you need to have the ‘eye of the Tiger’, to be able to choose the tools you need to lose weight and to keep that weight off, and enjoy it in the process; if it’s hard, it’s not fun, and if it’s not fun, you won’t do it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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