Belly Weight Loss Diet

scale-diet-fat-health-loss-belly-acceleratedAccelerating weight loss is easy and without pain. If you’re wanting to follow a belly weight loss diet, you just need to logically look at what foods should be eliminated and what to add. Here are the guidelines to follow.

Accelerating Weight Loss

  1. Eat only low fat, plant foods that come in their natural packages.
  2. No refined or processed foods at all.
  3. Never skips meals, and that includes breakfast.
  4. Drink one full glass of water half an hour before a meal. This will curb your appetite.
  5. Eliminate breads, alcohol and salt.
  6. Go light on all grain products.
  7. Go light on high-fat fruits and vegetables.
  8. Go very light on nuts and nut products.
  9. Make low fat vegetables the center of your diet.
  10. Snack on fruits. Fruit contains water and fiber, therefore they are filling.
  11. Try to eat at least one full meal salad a day with minimal dressing (with no oil). This daily salad will accelerate weight loss and rapidly increase belly weight loss.
  12. Try to exercise before meals.
  13. There are no exceptions to the above. If in doubt, read 1-11 again.

Feeling Full

scale-diet-fat-health-loss-belly-accelerated-caloriesWhenever we consume solid foods, it takes time for our stomachs to actually feel full, so there is a time lag between when you eat and when you eventually feel full. Based on the standard and typical American diet, a person could easily and quickly scoff down 2,500 calories in just one sitting, and still not feel that full sensation. In addition, that 2,500 calories is more than enough calories for a single day, but they’re consuming it in one sitting with dead calories. Can you start to see the picture of how easy it is to gain weight? Based on this, you need to intelligently create a diet which will help to lose belly fat, and accelerate weight loss.

The other consideration when consuming food is the time allowed to consume a full meal. It’s easy to justify scoffing down a meal in 5 minutes; we lead a busy lifestyle; I have to pick up the kids from school; I’m late for my hairdressing appointment; I’ve got a meeting in 5 minutes; etc. By taking the time required to eat in a relaxed manner, you give you stomach an opportunity to inform your brain that you’re full, but if you only have 5-10 minutes to eat, don’t stuff yourself to feel full, because you’ll end up consuming too many calories; do this on a daily basis, and before you know it, you’re on the slippery slide of weight gain. Remember, that your stomach will feel full within 15-20 minutes. If you’re following step #4 above, you’ll be drinking water before and also during your meal to help you fell full.


scale-diet-fat-health-loss-belly-accelerated-exerciseIn our attempts to lose belly fat or go on a belly weight loss diet, we usually forget the most important factor in weight loss; exercise. Exercise will not only increase your muscle tone, improve your health, and rid you of excess fat in your body, but it will burn off those extra calories, tipping the scales in the right direction, which is down, rather than up. If you’re doing enough exercise, it will curb your appetite, hence following step #12 above is the best time in terms of weight loss. The combination of exercise and healthy, clean eating will help you to lose weight, and keep it off. Logical isn’t it?

What to be careful of

food-salad-healthy-vegetables-scale-diet-fat-health-loss-belly-accelerated-exerciseFollowing the above diet plan, you should be able to eat enough to make you feel full, but not put on extra weight-this is counter-intuitive, because you should eat when you’re hungry, but because you’re not stuffing your face with empty calories, you won’t gain weight. Don’t think that because you’re eating all this food when you’re hungry that you have to starve yourself, as in traditional diet plans. You’ll eventually find that you’re consuming more food than you previously ate, especially food that’s healthy, is good for you, and will assist in losing weight, and you will lose weight using this strategy. Natural plant foods are very low in calories and fat, and over time your body will adjust to this new way of eating. In the beginning you will need to be patient, persistent, and confident that this belly weight loss diet will help you lose the weight.

No exceptions to the rule means that you can’t cheat or think that loading up on refined, processed food will help you to lose belly fat and weight. Remember, you tried that and it didn’t work. Do something that works and will help you to lose weight. If you’re entertaining this type of behavior in your eating, there is only one thing for it; exercise. It’s the only magic bullet that will reverse a sedentary lifestyle. So make exercise a daily part of your life.

When you finally get down to your ideal weight, your weight loss will stabilize and your appearance will be transformed. Don’t worry that your friends will call you ‘skinny’ as, unfortunately, our overweight population is now the norm. Stay on course and reap the benefits of losing the weight and feeling healthy, and with a new-found love of exercise.

Keep on Target

food-salad-healthy-vegetables-scale-diet-fat-health-loss-belly-accelerated-exercise-target-goalsAccelerating weight loss is not a mystery. Trying to shift belly fat into the stratosphere shouldn’t be hard work, and definitely is not your cross to bear. It should be as easy as tying your shoes in the morning; a routine that you have done thousands of times. Once you see the results of what this diet strategy is doing for you and your image, it will be hard to make excuses. If you fall off the bandwagon, don’t fall off permanently. Get back on, and review the thirteen steps above. This will get you going again and give you the motivation to look at food in a different light; that food is there to help you lose weight, not put it on. Run away from refined, processed foods, and start eating clean and with the aim to get rid of that belly fat via the belly weight loss diet.





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