How to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet-10 tips to get you started

how-to-lose-weight-on-a-vegan-dietWhy would anyone even consider attempting to lose weight by using a vegan diet? The vegan diet contains tons of fiber which will help shift all the toxins and waste currently sitting in your body. This fiber is what pushes all that waste out. By feeding your body fiber, you are constantly cleaning out your ‘plumbing’. The biggest culprit in western diets is animal products and they contain no fiber at all. Keep eating these animal products and you’ll keep clogging up your body with crap (literally) and your success at losing weight will continue to evade you. Vegan foods also offer numerous cancer-fighting nutrients so it’s a double whammy; increase your health and well-being and also lose weight. The two go hand in hand.

A new Food Paradigm (or Pyramid)

how-to-lose-weight-on-a-vegan-dietImagine a pyramid… at the top are foods with high fat to fiber content; these are usually nuts, high-fat fruits and vegetables like avocados and olives (about 80% fat), beans, peas, lentils and soy (the high protein foods, but relatively high in fat content). As you move down the pyramid fat amounts decrease, but fiber increases. These are the vegetables and fruit, two major food groups which fight disease, keeps you vibrant and healthy, and feeling young.

Keep focused on low-fat vegetables with leafy green vegetables offering you the bulk of nutrients required. As far as calorie counting is concerned, green vegetables are the most nutritious food on this earth.

At the very base of this pyramid are the starch foods; rice, potatoes, and whole grain foods. These are the ‘filler foods’as they will satisfy your hunger and fill you up. They’re low in fats, and rich in nutrients.

If you want to radically begin to lose weight, the concepts of losing weight on a vegan diet are based on fruits and low-fat vegetables (green vegetables).

Tips to Health

how-to-lose-weight-on-a-vegan-dietThese tips are in no hierarchy of order. Utilize all of them and they will allow you to lose weight on a vegan diet, guaranteed. There is not secret to these tips, only common sense and an ability to read your own body. It’s not about what’s working or what isn’t. By using these tips your ability to lose weight and keep it off will soon be part of a lifestyle which your body will adjust to very quickly because you’ll be putting foods into your body which contain water, fiber, and micro nutrients which are craved by the body. By avoiding the foods that are good for your body and eating huge amounts of hi fat, low fiber, foods, you’re eventually headed towards imminent disease.

Top 10 Tipshow-to-lose-weight-on-a-vegan-diet

  1. Exercise. Aerobic (running, bicycle, walking) including some weight training. Exercise goes hand in hand with the goal of losing weight. To lose that weight you have to actually sweat. Once you’ve done a warm up of about 3 minutes, you want to have a steady and constant pace. Start off with 30 minutes and then work your way up towards 45 minutes when you have enough stamina and experience. It’s all about keeping the heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. Remember to cool down for 5-10 minutes post your exercise.
  2. Toss those scales. It’s not about your weight, it’s about what you look like in a mirror. You’ll notice flab disappearing and muscle tone appearing. Muscle is denser than fat, so the more muscle you pack on, the more fat you’re losing. If you want proof, use a measuring tape instead of the scales; throw them away.
  3. Water is now your best friend. To lose weight on a vegan diet, you must consume water; not flavored water (you can put some lemon in your bottle) that you buy in the supermarket because that still contains sugars. As you’re eating fiber rich foods you need to assist in their movement through your intestines; that’s why water is so important, otherwise, the alternative is constipation, and that hurts! The goal for water intake is about 6-8 glasses per 24 hours. Remember, if you’re eating water rich fruits and vegetables, you can reduce this to 6 glasses per day.
  4. Green leafy vegetables. Anything that’s green and edible, eat it! Those pounds will drop off. Greens contain a lot of calcium which aid in losing weight. This is probably the easiest part of this journey to losing weight on a vegan diet. It’s a no-brainer!
  5. Eat fruit which is high in fiber. If you can avoid it, don’t consume large amounts of fruit juice, especially from the supermarket; they will cause you to become bloated (due to the sugar fermenting in your guts) and will cause dehydration (remember water is your best friend). If you can, when juicing, retain the pulp and throw into your salads for a bit of texture.
  6. Go Nuts! Nuts will provide the required ‘healthy’ fats which your body crave, not those artificial ‘trans fats’ which are in the majority of processed, refined food, which will cause disease. About 1/4 cup of nuts per day is adequate. Both raw nuts (providing important enzymes) and toasted nuts to add a bit of variety and texture.
  7. Add some protein powder to your diet regime. Apart from the protein already contained in a vegan diet, the additional protein found in powders are ideal for a quick meal replacement which is healthy and fills you up. Some of the best plant-based protein powders are pea, rice, and soy.
  8. A Salad a day keeps the doctor away, and also the added weight. Enhance your daily vegan diet by putting together a complete salad which can contain all the food groups discussed above. Use a base of greens, add fruits, soy based protein (in small amounts), mushrooms, carrots, quinoa, low-fat vegetables, nuts.
  9. Forget the Oils. Oil in our foods offer no nutrients, and they are refined foods. They contain no fiber at all. Did I mention that they are 100% fat. That’s going straight to your hips. You’re going to get enough healthy fats from nuts. By adding two tablespoons of oil in your salad (see #8 above) you add the fat content equivalent to two scoops of ice cream. Oils will also raise cholesterol levels, which will eventually end up clogging your arteries. Oil is bad, OK!
  10. Sugar is the bad boy on the block. Eat more of this stuff and your plan of losing weight on a vegan diet will be for naught. Sugars in your body cause yeast growth (why do you think they use it in beer manufacturing? It feeds the yeast). With sugars in your body and the growth of yeast, it is just about impossible to even attempt to lose weight. If you’re unable to live without sweeteners, try using something more organic such as, Date sugar, Fresh or dried fruits on oatmeal, Maple syrup, Molasses, and Organic unrefined cane sugar.

Change your Diet, change your Life

how-to-lose-weight-on-a-vegan-dietBy following these 10 tips, you’re well on the way to losing weight on a vegan diet. This is not about converting anyone into becoming a vegan, this is about the goal of losing weight. It’s clear than modern methods and diets are doing nothing for losing weight except more misery, cost, and putting that weight back on. These tips are about lifestyle, about radically changing your life and becoming a new you. It takes courage, a certain mindset and determination. Don’t let your prejudices get in the way of your right to lose the weight you don’t want and in turn is causing disease and helping you to become more unhealthy. Start by going through an inventory of the foods in your pantry and which need throwing out. It starts today, it starts now!





10 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet-10 tips to get you started”

  1. Great tips! Especially staying away from sugar. Do you think that it is wise to limit fruit intake as well? Also, I wanted to add that Hemp protein powder is a great alternative as well. In terms of losing weight, have you heard about the amazing benefits of adding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar? You can add it to your salads as well as a in acup of tea. It really boosts your metabolism. Thanks again,

    1. Hi Colleen.
      You’ve hit the nail right on the head. Sugar is the stranglehold for a lot of people trying to adjust their diets; they can’t give it up. As you know, fruit contains sucrose, and in large amounts can be as bad as sugar intake, however, you need to remind yourself to burn that energy off. Their is a difference between complex sugars, found in fruits which keeps you energized for longer, rather than simple sugars, found in flour and candy bars, which dissipates quickly, hence the legendary chocolate binge! You can’t satiate yourself with simple sugars, but eventually your gut will be so full, you can’t fit another thing in there. Hemp protein powder is a great alternative; if it comes from a plant, it’s meant to be beneficial for you. Have you ever tried whey protein powders? They make you bloated, lethargic, and for most people, they can’t metabolize the casein enzyme in milk, so it get voided out. Organic apple cider vinegar is as beneficial for losing weight and for general health as any supplement you’ll find out in the market place, except that it’s natural and it works. It will burn fat and keep your skin looking radiant. You’re on the ball when it comes to healthy eating and living. Congratulations on your research and actually implementing these strategies into your diet regime. Thanks for your comment and good luck. Luis

  2. Great tips on how to lose weight eating vegetables. I have ti think most people already know that the greens/veggies are good for your body the problem is work and lifestyle . Eating things on the go as well as finding things that are go for when are out and about unless you pack meals at home . Additionally alot of people associate getting protein from animals rather than healthy fruits and vegetables .Discipline and courage is definitely needed

    1. Hi Erick.
      Thanks for the comment. Diet is at times difficult, but it takes just a bit of logical thinking and the ability to read our bodies… what’s good for me? what isn’t? what did I eat last night that’s causing me this pain? why am I bloated? These are the insights that we all need if we’re ever going to get our health back on track. At the end of the day it’s about trying what works and adjusting your diet to what your body needs and yearns for. Keep healthy and that little extra effort will pay dividends with your health in the long term. Thanks. Luis

  3. Thank you for writing this article. I have had tremendous success with the Atkins diet, but I cannot live on it. I was thinking about an incorporating my next diet with Intermittent Fasting what are your thoughts? It just makes sense that vegan diets or at least eating more vegetables and fruits with higher fiber content makes more sense during a diet that can hopefully become a lifestyle choice. I completely agree with you about tossing the scale. You are right, when you build lean muscle mass combined with cardio you will see the results in the mirror.

    1. Hi Jim.
      Intermittent fasting is an additional strategy that can be used, as I do myself, and another great topic for another post in the near future. If you’re able to keep a regular routine with intermittent fasting, the results can be monumental, both for the body, your health, and the mind; it’s about will power when you haven’t eaten for 12 hours plus… that’s when you’re really testing yourself. You’re also right about fiber intake in our diets; it’s about pushing all that food out, rather than leaving it in our intestines. This is what causes disease and eventually stops us from leading a productive and happy life. I applaud anyone who has the guts to go against the crowd and do things differently with their eating habits. Well done and good luck. Keep an eye out for my next few posts; one will definitely deal with intermittent fasting and its health benefits. Thanks again. Luis

  4. Great article the tips are on point. I ate a vegan diet for month as a new years resolution and felt an increase in energy after the first week and lost about 5 about pounds that month.

    1. Thanks Justin.
      It is amazing that something so simple as changing the food paradigm can have a huge impact on our health. Keep up the great work and healthy eating. I’ll be posting again in the next day, so keep reading. Luis.

  5. I loooove this post! I lost 30lbs three years ago and gained it all back after my vacation because I just spent too much time away from the gym. I’ve finally started to go back to dieting but I’m not dieting the way I was back in 2015 and I really should but I just can’t seem to find that motivation again.

    Reading this article, I don’t think I can do without meat in my diet. I mean, I’ve tried a day without having meat and the next day I just craved it big time! I’d much rather eat less meat or extra lean meat aka chicken breast. Not only that, like you said… forget the oils! Dumping all the meat into nothing but boiling water=less fat! LOL!

    It was a great read because in my diet, I eat most of the things you have mentioned. Now, I just need to be more strict with my diet. However, I am going on vacation again next week so hopefully it won’t break my motivation when I come home!

    Thanks for sharing this article, looking forward to more!


    1. Thanks Teresa for the comments. Motivation is a huge factor in all endeavors, but if we’re able to have a vision for the end result, then this is what makes the difference. Everyone’s journey is different and there is no room for prejudice; it’s what works for you and what you’re comfortable doing. In the end it is all about your health and your reasons for doing something in the first place. I applaud anyone who earnestly takes a ‘leap of faith’ and begins that journey into healthy eating and living. Good luck and keep it up, day by day! Luis

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