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Juicing has been around since the 70s, and in recent years the notion of dieting using liquid diets and specifically, juice fasting to help lose fat has seen a major comeback. It’s an easy option which can be instrumental in shedding weight and helping you to lose fat. Juicing to lose fat has other major health benefits, not just to lose weight, although this is the main reason why you would want to go on a 30 or even 60 day fast. Juicing will make improvements to your auto-immune functioning, diabetes, heart conditions, lethargy and tiredness, skin tone and complexion, and overall well-being. Read ahead and find out what this juicing ‘thing’ is all about. As a disclaimer, there is no substitute to visiting your general practitioner for advice on health matters, especially relating to any preexisting symptoms which may require diagnosis and long term medical attention.

Why Juicing?

Juicing allows the individual to follow countless recipes which will allow not only obvious health benefits, but also by following the right kind of liquid diet, you will be able to lose weight faster than more common weight loss options and diet plans.

juicing-diet-healthy-lose-weight-vegetable-fruitJuicing is also a good kick starter, whether it’s the beginning phase of a radical diet/weight loss plan, or whether you’ve reached a plateau and you need a boost in motivation. This new approach in turn will give your body and mind a new lease of life. A ‘liquid diet’ is a quick, simple, and easy approach to the sometimes laborious routine of preparing meals and counting calories, and measuring fat content, etc. Juicing allows you to tailor recipes to your taste buds and your ultimate weight loss goals; you can start radically, or take it easy to see whether juicing will allow you to follow your weight loss plans and goals.

Juicing won’t allow you to starve yourself either. You will be able to consume the correct amount of micro nutrients that your body requires to lose fat. Your metabolism will start functioning, and your body will begin to lose fat, which equals weight which you’ve probably been carrying around for too long. Overall, juicing can be a well-balanced liquid diet which you can utilize as the launch for long term fat loss. What have you got to lose?

How many Calories do I need per day?

calories-juicing-fat-loss-belly-weightGaining weight is not a mystery. It follows a pretty simple formula. That formula┬áis this: eat tonnes of unhealthy food + get no exercise = weight gain. Excluding any medical condition that may affect your weight gain, an excess gain in weight comes from consuming far too many calories throughout the day. You also need to be doing exercise to burn off those extra calories; if you don’t, this equates to increases in weight. But this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process which takes place over weeks, months and years, and is generally caused by our lifestyle, comfort eating, daily commitments to job or family, and poor diet choices. What is the result of consuming too many calories? Storage of adipose tissue (fat) around the face, neck, belly and thighs.

The average adult requires roughly 1600-2200 calories per day to maintain a healthy body weight; anything above that is weight gain, anything below that is weight loss. Juicing to lose fat will allow you to reduce unnecessary calories and toxins which are consumed. To lose weight, and body fat, nutritional experts recommend a reduction of 500 calories per day, which equates to about one pound of fat each week, therefore to reach this goal, the calorie intake per day required is anything between 1000-1800.

What happens if you’re over ambitious and you want to go below 1000 calories? It makes sense to radically reduce calories and therefore lose more weight, quicker. Wrong! For the average person, this should be avoided at all costs, especially when using a liquid diet to lose weight. You don’t want to be inadvertently causing yourself any undue harm, rather you need to be focused on losing weight effectively and using your body’s efficiency. Should your calories go below 1000 calories per day you may experience dizziness, nausea, low energy levels, hunger, insomnia, irritability, muscle loss, heart palpitations, and anxiety. You need enough calories per day for your body to function at its correct resting metabolic rate.

How much fluid do I need to consume?

Believe it or not, even though you’re consuming juices to lose fat, that samewater-consume-dehydration-fat-loss-weight- liquid diet is helping your body lose excess fat, but ironically, your body is also ridding itself of body fluids at a faster rate. You need fluids in your body to keep your blood flowing, to make your heart’s electrical system work properly, and to keep your muscles toned.

To counteract the potential of dehydration, you will need to consume adequate amounts of water throughout the day on top of the already consumed liquid juices. The only negative of this is that you’ll be visiting the bathroom a lot more often than usual, but remember it’s all for a good cause; losing weight and getting rid of body fat and toxins.

If you’re on to a good thing, stick to it… but not for too long!

water-consume-dehydration-fat-loss-weight-For long term weight loss and optimal health, a liquid juicing diet is not a permanent course of action, although you can achieve excellent results over 30 days; 60 days may be just a bit too radical for your body to get used to. Initially this is a great way to get your fat loss campaign off to an excellent start, eventually achieving an ideal weight and maintaining it.

Doing it the right way.

juicing-weight-belly-fat-loss-fruit-vegetablesBy utilizing regular juicing to lose fat, over a 30-day period, and up to four-six times per day, your body is consuming fewer calories than when eating solid foods. This in turn causes our body to burn excess fat because of the reduction in calories or ‘calorie deficit’. Reduction in weight is also attributed to how the Liver functions while on a liquid diet which is easier on the Liver and gives it more opportunity to process stored fats and remove them from your body. Due to our ‘modern’ diets and eating habits, Liver function is inhibited. This is because of the high fat, high calorie, and high toxin foods consumed.

A proper liquid diet, will not only help in reducing our bodies fat reserves, but will allow toxin build up to be flushed out. These toxins include heavy metals, chemicals absorbed from our environment, and byproducts of our body’s metabolic functions.

Juicing also allows our body to digest in a more relaxed and healthier way. Research shows that our bodies are capable of carrying large amounts of excess waste which need to be expelled. It’s unfortunate to realize that excess weight being carried around our mid section is directly attributed to waste that hasn’t been expelled from the body’s lower digestive tract. Gross, but true!

A 30 day juicing diet will alleviate this problem, getting rid of excess waste found in our bodies. As fiber rich foods are introduced into your juices, such as fruits and vegetables, the fiber will aid in the movement of waste products out of our bodies. This will help you feel less sluggish, giving you more energy; sluggishness is usually caused by the consumption of excess foods which are void of any fiber, rich in fat and sugars, and mostly have no nutritional value. What occurs is the food consumed sits in our stomach, the body sends blood to that area to enable proper function of the digestive organs. We then feel more fatigued, feeling like we need a nap.

Juicing… the way to lose that fat!

belly-fat-loss-weight-juicingJuicing, when viewed as a short term approach, can be an effective vehicle for losing weight. It’s nutritious, fiber rich, tasty, easily prepared, and the health benefits are monumental. Why wouldn’t you want to juice?

Initially, utilizing a 30-day plan on a juicing diet, you will be able to see radical and positive benefits within days, and within one to two weeks you will see massive reductions in weight and fat loss. Juicing for fat loss is a sensible approach to a weight loss program which will take you to another level, both in body and mind. It’s a diet plan that should not be taken lightly, but with confidence, determination, and a strategy, it will transform your body into a temple of health and well being.





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  1. Hello,

    Very interesting article. I used to be really into juicing and have been on several juice fasts. It’s a great way to lose weight. The shocking thing that I remember is that I was not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be. It’s amazing how well your body responds when you get the vitamins and minerals that it requires. I definitely lost fat during that time and experienced some great results.

    1. Hi Dan.

      I came across your blog the other day and read your post about caffeine; extremely interesting and beneficial. I’ve just posted an article on Green Tea and its benefits in losing weight. Juicing is one of those habits I maintain, but you have to have lots of variety in the selection of ingredients. As you increase the amount of fiber in the juicing, this is the crucial element which helps to satiate the body’s hunger receptors. I’m really looking forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks for the comment and keep up the amazing work in educating people. Luis

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